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Premium Gourmet Jerky with some serious attitude...this is exactly what Beef Octane is all about!  We are not your ordinary "Jerky" company.  We have taken the Jerky game to the next level with our high quality, premium meat selections and combined that with some of the most insane gourmet recipes ever crafted.  Full of flavor and insanely tender, you will taste the difference.  All of our Jerky products are crafted to our standards, pure perfection.  



We come from a long list of hard working, honest, blue-collar workers.  This includes military & first responders (Active, Reserve, and Retired).  Everyone here at Beef Octane personally thanks you for all of the sacrifices that you and your family make, which all too often go unnoticed.  Here at Beef Octane, we also offer a Military & First Responder Discount, which is the very least we could do! 

We put passion into every single product that Beef Octane has to offer.  I thank you for your continued support and am truly grateful for your business. If there is anything that I can do to make your experience with Beef Octane better, please contact us! - Joe

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