HAND MADE | All of Beef Octane's jerky products are hand crafted from only the highest-quality cuts of meat, in order to make the best jerky around. Our jerky connoisseurs are involved in every step of our process, and no automation or machinery is used to rush production.

PREMIUM GOURMET | We take pride in knowing that the ingredients that go into each batch of our amazing jerky are of the highest quality. We will not sacrifice flavor for profit. Our beef jerky flavors are made in small batches, but with a big taste.

SMALL BATCH | Beef Octane's jerky products are made in small batches in order to provide the very best jerky for our customers. Our jerky connoisseurs hand-select each cut of meat, and ensure that it is properly trimmed, marinated, screened, and cooked to pure perfection every time!

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