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Beef Octane is a small batch, premium gourmet jerky!  Our beef jerky is brisket cut, super tender and there is even an individually wrapped flosser pick in every bag!  Below is a complete listing of our amazing line of jerky, organized in alphabetical order with the "heat level" rating to the right of it.  If a flavor has "{GF}" after it, then it is Gluten Free!  For more info, click on the flavor name and you will be brought directly to the product page accordingly.


BACON JERKY - 2oz Package

Applewood Smoky Bacon Jerky {Cool} {GF}

- Applewood smoked mixed premium spices!  Hints of brown sugar & maple!

Brown Sugar & Maple Bacon Jerky {Cool} {GF}

- The perfect blend of the saltiness of the bacon, mixed with brown sugar, honey & maple!

Honey Pepper Bacon Jerky {Cool} {GF}

- Sweet taste of honey & the bold kick of black pepper.

Jalapeno Bacon Jerky {Hot} {GF}

- Sweet heat of jalapeños & the fantastic smokey taste of bacon!

Sriracha Bacon Jerky {Hot}

- Rear sriracha hot sauce!  

Western BBQ Bacon Jerky {Cool} {GF}

- Smoky sweet taste right off the grill!


    BEEF JERKY - 3oz Package

    Barbecue Mesquite Beef Jerky {Cool}

    - Tangy southwestern zest!

    Bearded Reaper Beef Jerky {Holy Hell Hot} {GF}

    - Whole Carolina Reaper Pepper in each bag!

    Carne Asada Beef Jerky {Mild} {GF}

    - Just like a carne asada taco!

    Cheers Beer Flavor Beef Jerky {Cool}

    - Bold pale ale taste with notes of hops & barley!  Slainte!

    Fire Hazard Beef Jerky {Hot}

    - Chili pepper, cayenne & red pepper flakes!

    Honey Pepper Beef Jerky {Cool}

    - Taste of sweet honey, mixed with a dry burn from cracked peppercorn!

    Mango Habanero Beef Jerky {Hot} {GF}

    - Habanero peppers, apple cider vinegar & mangos! 

    Peppered Beef Jerky {Cool}

    - Slow burned with cracked peppercorns!

    Scorcher Beef Jerky {Holy Hell Hot}

    - Offensively Spicy!  Whole Carolina Pepper & some ghost peppers for fun!

    Sriracha Beef Jerky {Hot} {GF}

    - Sweet and then ground chili peppers get you in the end!

    Street Meat Beef Jerky {Medium} {GF}

    - Think of the sweet smell of Korean bbq meat sizzling on the grill!

    Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky {Hot}

    - Sweet teriyaki flavors up front, nice spicy bite of jalapeno in the end!

    Teriyaki Beef Jerky {Cool} {GF}

    - Most classic, fan favorite in the world of jerky!  Our signature teriyaki recipe with a hint of pineapple!

    Thermite Beef Jerky {Hot}

    - Jalapeños, chili peppers, cayenne, red pepper flakes & smoke with some good ole' hickory!

    Western Beef Jerky {Cool}

    - Cloves, garlic, tamarind, chili pepper and smokey old hickory!


      CHICKEN JERKY - 3oz Package

      Honey BBQ Chicken Jerky {Cool} {GF}

      - Real honey and gourmet bbq flavor & spices!

      Blazin Buffalo Chicken Jerky {Hot} {GF}

      - Just like your favorite buffalo wings!


        TURKEY JERKY - 3oz Package

        Jerky Turkey | Turkey Jerky {Medium} {GF} 

        - Honey, molasses & sesame oil for that Korean bbq flavor!


          JERKY FOR DOGS - 3oz Package

          Best Friends Chicken Jerky For Dogs {Cool}

          - 100% Real Chicken, No Added Hormones, No Added Preservatives, High Protein Treat Your Best Furry Friend Will Love!